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Sacramento Bartending School - Bartending Jobs and training since 1959

Bartending Course

The Sacramento School of Bartending provides the most extensive, up-to-date Bartending Training program available - we've been refining our program for over 40 years which means that you get the benefit of our experience. Our Bartending Course is completely hands-on meaning you actually pick up the bottles and make drinks using ingredients that are nearly identical to their real life alcohol and mixer counterparts - the drinks you'll make are so real appearing that many students have attempted drinking them, which we of course do not recommend! Learning the art of Bartending isn't just about learning Drink Recipes, there's much, much more to it. Our Professional Bartending Course covers the following:

  • Setting up and breaking down the bar, speed rack, jockey box and more
  • Over 200 of the most up to date, most popular drink recipes around
  • Extensive liquor knowledge - includes brand specific information
  • Proper beer & wine service and knowledge
  • Lessons on every drink category including cream, tropical, coffee, shooters, highball, two liquor drinks, beer & wine cocktails and many more!
  • Customer Service
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Landing the Job you want
  • and much, much more!

"It's Chris Landreth, i justed wanted to say thanks for letting me go through your program it was alot of fun. Also i wanted to tell you i got my first bartending job. I'm working at the Taste of India in Yuba City on mondays, wednesdays, fridays and sundays from 11-5 so if your ever in Yuba stop by and see me. " - Chris

And this is just the course lecture material! The bulk of our Bartending Course consists of hands on practice under the watchful eye of our friendly, helpful Bartending instructors. You'll make and use real fruit garnishes. Layer real cream for Pousse Cafe drinks and fire up the blender for frozen Margaritas. At the Sacramento School of Bartending we give you both the knowledge and the hands on practice to succeed as a Professional Bartender.

Call us today at 916.995.6518 to start training for your new career today!